2019 夏都春宴 Spring Break on the Beach

  • 2019/04/04(Thu) 14:00(+0800) ~ 2019/04/06(Sat) 11:59(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google Calendar )
  • 墾丁夏都沙灘酒店 Chateau Beach Resort Kenting / No. 451, Kending Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 94644
  • On the Beach Contact Organizer

🌞 這場派對將會讓您在五星級的國際飯店體驗世界級的音響,燈光,國際表演者及我們的贊助商所提供的招待酒水.
Come join us at the Nicest 5 Star Resort, on the Biggest Weekend of the Year, at the Most Popular Beach town, on the Best Island in the World. It’s SPRING BREAK on the BEACH!

🎫 2019年票價 Ticket prices
票價含三小時暢飲 All passes Include 3 hours of open bar

🎫 單日票 Single Day Pass
**售完** 早鳥 Early Bird 900 數量有限 **Sold out**
預售 Pre-sale 1100
現場 Door 1300

🎫 三日連票 Three Day Pass
**售完** 早鳥 Early Bird 1100 數量有限 **Sold out**
預售 Pre-sale 1500
現場 Door 1900

🌞 娛樂演出陣容待宣布。2019年我們將為派對子民們獻上第二個舞台,不僅增加音樂多樣性,也讓更多的在地以及國際表演者們展現各自獨到的沙灘派對音樂。
In 2019, we’re taking Spring Break to a new level by adding a second stage to give even more local and international acts a platform for their own brand of beach music!

🎶SB2019 壓軸國際藝人與其他演出藝人Featured Headliners
4/4 Solberjum 🇫🇷
4/4 Wes-P 🇯🇵
4/5 Double G 🇹🇼
4/6 Swindali 🇬🇧

🎶SB2019 Billing
Chamber 🇬🇧 Cross Cutz 🇫🇷 Double G 🇹🇼 FAMOUS 🇨🇦 HaaS 🇹🇼 Kreamer 🇨🇦 Loud Damn 🇹🇼 Matthew 🇹🇼 MoneyDick 🇹🇼 NeKBRACE 🇨🇦 Praddmix 🇭🇹 Smokey Bear 🇲🇼 TroubleMaker 🇹🇼 RicaRica 🇹🇼 Logan 🇹🇼 Gaggo 🇵🇾 Señor Cherry 🇱🇨 Gigolo Kev 🇹🇼

🎶Lawn Stage 草地舞台
Felk 🇫🇷 Haas 🇹🇼 Lucy 🇹🇼 MoneyDick 🇹🇼 PingWix 🇹🇼 Uppity 🇨🇦 Veli 🇫🇷 Yakashi 🇹🇼Feel Light 🇹🇼Vic 🇹🇼

4/4 Solberjum 🇫🇷
Solberjum是一位來自法國的鬼才DJ兼音樂製作人。從出道以來他總是被許多傑出的製作人圍繞,這也造就了他今日音樂工匠般的才華。也是因為懂得傑出人才聚集能夠帶來的極高創作效益,Solberjum也開始了他的唱片公司計劃-- Broderskab Records。透由集結來自各個國家、不同文化的傑出才子才女們,互相協助,使得Broderskab出版的每一首單曲皆獲得音樂評論家的高度讚賞。至今Solberjum 的作品也受到許多知名DJ的親睞,例如David Guetta(大衛庫塔)、Don Diablo (惡魔先生)、Hardwell(哈味哥)、比利時兄弟檔 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike、Afrojack、Nicky Romero(尼基羅米洛)、The Chainsmokers(老煙槍雙人組)、Fredde Le Grand 等等。
Solberjum is a French electronic DJ/producer from Paris, known for the quality of his productions and his hard working state of mind. Surrounded by talented producers and engineers, Solberjum gradually crafted his own sonic identity, which has already been supported by superstar djs like David Guetta, Don Diablo, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, The Chainsmokers, Fedde Legrand and many more.

4/4 Wes-P 🇯🇵
大家可能沒有聽過Wes-P,但說到裸體抽桌巾的大叔則是無人不知,無人不曉。原名植草和久的Wes-P,已有十年以上的表演經歷,屬吉本興業旗下搞笑藝人,同期藝人有重量級女星渡邊直美。原本只是在日本電視節目接通告的他,偶爾會在社全平台推特上發布自己裸體抽桌巾的影片,其中利用電風扇扯桌巾又不露點的影片更是在發布後立即達到近五萬次的分享。網路人氣影響下,Wes-P 決定挑戰電視選秀節目。在他報名參加英國選秀節目Britain’s Got Talent(英國達人秀),在舞台上表演他拿手的裸體「抽桌巾」表演後,立刻在全球爆紅。Wes-P在這之後也獲邀參加喬治亞、德國、法國與西班牙的達人秀電視節目,也經常出席亞洲各大搞笑節目與脫口秀。
Kazuhisa UEKUSA is a Japanese comedian who has been performing mainly in Japan for over ten years. He has appeared on numerous Japanese TV comedy programs. He also has been featured in TV shows throughout the world such as STEVE on NBC, Giorgia's Got Talent, German's Got Talent after his web videos went viral all over the world. Finally, he went to the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final in 2018, after that, he could participate in France and Spain’s Got Talent.
He has web videos of himself lying naked on the floor with nothing but a silk cloth and a cup and saucer on top of his private parts. He does the trick by removing the cloth abruptly so that the cup and saucer stay in place.
He used an electric fan to whip the cloth off in one of his videos, which raked at least 49,000 retweets and 66,000 likes on Twitter. WesP also has performed at various comedy festival, including Busan International Comedy Festival in Korea, Yoshimoto Comedy and Music Festival in Indonesia.

4/5 Double G 🇹🇼
音樂界鬼才擁有30年的DJ資歷,經歷上千場的派對DJ Goldon 在大台北夜店圈裡所付出的精神,從夜店老闆,投資者,音樂總監,派對宣傳者,音樂是他的本能,DJ Golden 總是能讓每位派對的子民們,沈溺在他的音樂渲染中無法自拔。
�身為第一位將MC文化帶入台灣市場,MC Gary 又稱MCPack Leader,人如其名因為他所到之處總是帶領許多派對迷跟隨他的腳步前進各大夜店狂歡,MC Gary也是目前台灣甚至於亞洲市場上符合國際表演水準並融合東西方特色呈現出質感演出的頂尖人物。
DJ Golden is the Resident DJ at Taipei's Finest club Halo,every week DJ Golden attracts Taipei's young professionals for special events, international guestDJs, state-of-the-art sound and lighting,the newest and hottest tracks, and more; all of which make for unforgettable nights out, DJ Golden has passion for club music.Every day DJ Golden is crafting original productions, personal remixes, mash-ups and edits which makes his set unique and dynamic.The result of his constant dedication can been seen on the dance floor. His high-energy, hand-raising sets ensure that everyone has a great nightout. Whether you're getting ready of a nightout, or you want to re-live those unforgettable moments.� MC Gary (a.k.a. MC Pack Leader) has been on the front lines of night clubs and special events. As the number one MC in Asia, he has opened the stage for artists including Akon, Sean Kingston, DJ Skeet Skeet,Jump Smokers,YinYangTwins, Show Tek, HyperCrush, DJ, Mosaken, DJ Jekey, and many others.He has also been working at the hottest night clubs around Asia including Myst, Primo, Muse, etc. His talent and ability to raise the crowds has been internationally praised as one of the best MCs aroundAsia.��

4/6 Swindali 🇬🇧
近年來 DJ Swindali 已成為世界巡迴DJ列表中的當紅炸子雞。除了經常受邀巡迴國際百大夜店與電子音樂節外,DJ Swindali 的網路聲量亦不容小覷,他已是Mixcloud 排行第一名的DJ,更為Beatport上受到極大關注的百大音樂製作人。DJ Swindali 的音樂廣受大眾歡迎,也常在英國電台BBC Radio 1被點播。只要有DJ Swindali 的場子,絕對無比精彩!
DJ Swindali has fast established himself as one of the hottest names on the touring circuit. In demand International Tour DJ, regularly on tour at Festivals and Top 100 Clubs Worldwide. Number One MixCloud DJ and Beatport Top 100 Producer. Music producer with original music featured on Beatport, BBC Radio 1, Exiled Asia, Siam2nite and more. Join the party with DJ Swindali

🌞 活動從白天開始就有DJ以及現場表演者的演出,日落後,沙灘更將成為一個由月光點亮的超大舞池.盡量早點來海灘上吧! 你可以來我們的沙灘運動會中觀賽,賽事包含: 沙灘足球、沙灘排球、飛盤錦標賽以及巴西柔術。你也可以跟好朋友們在沙灘上玩耍,或在泳池畔喝杯清涼的飲料。下午三點後,您可享受整整三小時由贊助廠商提供的調酒暢飲,並與我們的DJ、舞者及成千上萬的派對群眾們在這裡一起趴踢。
Daytime will feature live acts and DJs playing jams to get us all in the mood to party. After the Sun sets over the water, the BPM will rise and the beach will turn into a large moonlit dance floor from the stage to the ocean. Come early to have fun on the beach, watch or compete in our beach soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, or brazilian jiu jitsu tournament, or chill poolside with a cocktail. Starting at 3pm, enjoy an open bar with 3 full hours of complimentary drinks from our sponsors and get down with our DJs, dancers and many thousands of the most beautiful people on the island!

🌞 門票可於兩點進入細緻的黃色沙灘享受海水及陽光.同時可領取一個由贊助商所提供的暢飲杯於下午三點起就可以在中間主吧檯免費續杯喔!我們的贊助商將提供大家整整三個小時的免費酒水暢飲!
A ticket gets you in at 2pm to enjoy the Sea and Sun at the nicest stretch of yellow sand on the island. You also get a special sponsored cup that can be refilled for Free at the main bar starting at 3pm. Our awesome sponsors will be providing complimentary drinks for 3 full hours!

辦理退票時, 活動將收取票券金額之10%手續費,其餘90%將完整退還給消費者。 

A 10% processing fee will be charged to cancel ticket purchases. 90% of total order will be refunded to the customer.
Ticket purchases may not be cancelled after 10 calendar days before the event, or Monday, March 26th, 2018.

墾丁夏都沙灘酒店 Chateau Beach Resort Kenting / No. 451, Kending Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 94644

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
2019 夏都春宴單日早鳥票 Spring Break on the Beach Early Bird 1 Day Pass

2019/01/01 00:00(+0800) ~ 2019/02/10 23:59(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$900
2019 夏都春宴單日預售票 Spring Break on the Beach Presale 1 Day Pass

2019/02/11 00:00(+0800) ~ 2019/04/03 23:59(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$1,100
2019 夏都春宴三日早鳥票 Spring Break on the Beach Early Bird 3 Day Pass

2019/01/01 00:00(+0800) ~ 2019/02/10 23:59(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$1,100
2019 夏都春宴三日預售票 Spring Break on the Beach Presale 3 Day Pass

2019/02/11 00:00(+0800) ~ 2019/04/03 23:59(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$1,500
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