NYE 2022 旗津海灘跨年派對 Cijin Beach Festival

We want to be at the beach to ring in 2022! ⬇️⬇️English Info Below⬇️⬇️



可以開始來去預定暢飲票或者找三五好友一起預定派對包廂一同迎接南台灣沙灘吧最大的跨年派對!!! 不管是要搭乘最後一班渡輪返程或者在海灘上派對一整晚迎接嶄新的2022年,旗津海灘派對都是你擁抱2022的好選擇!

🎇🎇!! 炫爛跨年倒數煙火秀!!🎇🎇

最屌DJ陣容! DJ Marcus Aurelius, Pro Res, and friends!

We want a New Year!
We want a fresh start!
We want to be at the beach to ring in 2022 with sand under our toes!!!


We want to party with fireworks exploding in the sky!

Get your all-you-can-drink tickets or book your party tents now for Southern Taiwan's biggest NYE Party at Kaohsiung's premiere beach bar! Set the tone of your new year by catching the last ferry at 2am for an early night….or just stay on the beach and party with the side stage till the first ferry of 2022 departs at 5am.

!!New Years Eve Party 2022 UNDER the stars!!
!!Huge Firework display at Midnight!!
!!New Years Eve Open Bar!!

價值一萬元的酒精飲品: 啤酒(24), 烈酒(2x 750ml + 汽水), 氣泡酒 + 座椅, 桌子
++加帳篷 + 1000元
++加沙發一塊可以做兩,三個人 + 2000元
>>訂派對包廂 Party Tables:

Party Table only NT$8000
Included with the table is:
Beer (24) and spirits (2 bottles) + soda mixer & sparkling wine (1 bottle), table & seats

>>Reserve Party tables: https://forms.gle/E3PeEQbW5sgazD197
++Add Tent + NT$1000
++Add Sofa Section that seats 2 or 3 people + NT$2000


旗津夕陽 Cijin Sunset Beach
Cijin Sunset Beach 旗津夕陽

去年的參加者 Last Year's Crowd

旗津沙灘派對 Beach Party at Cijin
旗津沙灘派對 Cijjin Beach Party

旗津沙灘吧 Cijin Sunset Bar / 旗津沙灘吧 Cijin Sunset Bar


チケット種別 販売期間 価格
24小時限時搶票 1 day Flash Sale (包含暢飲 Includes Open Bar)

2021/11/17 12:00(+0800) ~ 2021/11/18 12:00(+0800) 販売終了
  • TWD$499
早鳥票 Early Bird (包含暢飲 Includes Open Bar)

2021/11/18 12:01(+0800) ~ 2021/12/15 12:00(+0800)
  • TWD$599
預售票 Presale (包含暢飲 Includes Open Bar)

2021/12/15 12:01(+0800) ~ 2021/12/31 00:01(+0800) まだ発売されていません
  • TWD$699
四個人團體票 4 Person Group Ticket (包含暢飲 Includes Open Bar)

2021/12/15 12:01(+0800) ~ 2021/12/31 00:01(+0800) まだ発売されていません
  • TWD$2,600
GA 不包含暢飲 Does NOT Include Open Bar

2021/11/18 12:01(+0800) ~ 2021/12/31 12:00(+0800)
  • TWD$299